For the cover artwork of our records we work together with students of the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden to cover as many areas of fine arts as possible and especially to connect these young artists* with each other and with the city. The HfBK Dresden covers not only the study area of the so-called free art, but also various theater crafts, such as mask design, theater sculpture or stage and costume design. Our intention here is to create a basis for young artists* in which they can try out and experiment freely. The layout is created by the label, but the students are always welcome to work with us on their cover. If you are a student at the HfBK Dresden and would like to add a cover to our label, please contact us at We are happy about every engagement!


Toni is herself a co-founder of Fragmented: and studies stage and costume design. Her work to date has been primarily about the re-connotation of everyday materials. This promotes an awareness of things that remind people of something, that make them pause and pay attention to details. The resulting works have mostly been installations, 3D animations, illustrations and collaborative projects within her degree program. Her interests range from socio-critical issues, to the physical, to emotionalities and alienation. instagram

The artist Josef Panda lives and works in Dresden, where he studies visual arts at the HfBK Dresden. Next to painting his artistic practice focuses on performative projects and installations. Questions regarding identity, espacially in relation to our social togetherness, is central for the development of his works.


In her work, the artist Lydia Henkel deals sculpturally and installative with movements, gestures and sequences of actions. Through repetitions of these, imaginary loops are formed, which make the supposed fleetingness concretely tangible through interfaces. It is about combing, linking, holding and embodying interfaces through material. instagram

At the beginning of Wiebke's work, she usually focuses on interpersonal relationships. By the end of a piece, they have sometimes remained the thematic focus and other times merely hold a new theme together. What usually fascinates her about it is the unspoken. At present, her works are mostly in clay, but also in the form of drawings and photographs. True to her studies, she also designs stages and costumes. Her last collaboration thematically revolved around sex and gender and the transformation of the resulting narratives. instagram
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